A Company with a Sense of Community and Purpose

I am pleased and truly grateful to announce that I will now be managing the social media aspect of Feed Your Vitality. My name is Sarah and I am a health conscious, full-time mom who wants to make sure the people in my life are properly fed and taken care of. This is extremely important to me. I like to grow my own food, cook meals from scratch, and enjoy the unique characteristics of  individual whole foods. I think foods have a tremendous power to heal, and that in many instances, if you don’t feel good, you’re not eating the right kind of foods. It is my personal intention to heal with nutrition. As Hippocrates states, “Let food be thy medicine.”

Ashley Nanney, manager, chef, and creator of Feed Your Vitality

While, I have only been with Feed Your Vitality for one week, I couldn’t ask for a better group of people to share my time with. Everyone is friendly, helpful, generous and  shares a sense of responsibility, unity, and accountability for others. There is a feeling of community and togetherness in our thoughts and actions.  Ashley, the company’s manager, creator, and chef,  has personally come to the conclusion, along with many doctors, that inflammation is the root cause of most diseases. By switching from a diet of packaged, chemical- laden, overly- processed food, to an anti-inflammatory diet of whole foods; an individual can lose weight, increase energy, and experience the satisfaction one feels when the body is restored to vibrant health.  Ashley is compelled to transform lives with nutrition, and that passion is radiated outward in all that she does.

On my first day of work, I was handed an employee manual.  This is a common protocol followed by many companies. However, this was not a standard list of company dos and don’ts, but a philosophical piece of literature full of purpose, heart, and passion. We want to share our philosophy because by understanding how we view ourselves, each other, and the intentions behind our actions,  it is our hope that our customers can come to know and trust  Feed Your Vitality, and appreciate the personalized care and genuine concern we have for the health of this community.

Our Mission and Family

SarahNewest team member and content writer for Feed Your Vitality LLC

Newest team member and content writer for Feed Your Vitality

It is our intention to make a positive difference in the vitality of our community.We demonstrate this intention through the foods we serve, the people we hire, and the partnerships we form.

ReneeTeam Memeber at Feed Your Vitality LLC

Team Leader at Feed Your Vitality

We believe that a commitment to uncompromising values and integrity should always guide our decisions and actions as we pursue our goals.

We are measured by the difference that we create in our community.


TaylorTeam Member at Feed Your Vitality LLC

Team Member at Feed Your Vitality

We are measured as much by the way in which we achieve our goals, as we are by the actual achievements themselves.We understand that the most valuable gift we have to offer is ourselves and our service to others.

Team Member at Feed Your Vitality



We believe in providing remarkably genuine service.

We believe we can be better than our best.

We believe our continued success depends on teamwork


Team Member at Feed Your Vitality

We believe in honesty, trust, and abundance.

We believe in a clean and orderly process.


KevinChef at Feed Your Vitality

Chef at Feed Your Vitality

We expect our customers to leave every experience knowing they are truly cared for.

Parker Team Member at Feed Your Vitality

Team Member at Feed Your Vitality



We believe in the importance of our work.

Beautiful Spaghetti Dish at Feed Your Vitality

Beautiful Spaghetti Dish at Feed Your Vitality

We welcome you to join our community, and follow us as we embark on this journey of personal growth, health, and revitalization. We want to get to know you, and share nutritional information, stories, recipes, and experience. Obesity rates, diabetes, cancer, heart disease, behavioral disorders, depression, and autoimmune disorders are continually on the rise. Inflammation seems to be a root cause of many of these conditions. We only have one body, and it’s most advantageous for it to run as effectively as it can. Let us help you feed your body the way nature intended. Let us lay the foundation for a health transformation in your life and community

Are you with us?


About sbarker4

I am a food blogger, activist, humanitarian, mother, and supporter of alternative medicine, the environment, social equality, and food that supports the optimal function of the body and mind.

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