Our hidden secret…


Many times customers ask, “Where do you chef from?”.  I must admit that every time someone asks, I smile inside.  I think that the answer is one of the “coolest” things about us, yet it is almost like our hidden secret.  The truth is, we are completely spoiled!  We chef from an absolutely beautiful 2,000 square foot culinary suite in the BEGIN New Venture Center at St. Patrick Center downtown.  Yes, THAT St. Patrick Center.  The one whose entire mission is to support people who are homeless or at risk of becoming homeless in their journey towards creating amazing lives.


God has a wonderful way of planting the right seeds

Being at the St. Patrick Center is a special part of our business.  I spent 14 years in non-profit organizations supporting individuals with acquired or congenital disabilities and individuals from impoverished or transitional backgrounds.  When I started Feed Your Vitality, I wanted to be sure that we were reaching people from every community.  That every person out there could be offered the ability (and access) to understand  how to support vitality through healthy foods.  So the opportunity to work at the St. Patrick Center was a natural fit for our mission:

It is our intention to make a positive difference in the vitality of our community.
We demonstrate this intention through the foods we serve,
the people we hire, and the partnerships we form


By partnering with Jan DeYoung, the Director of the BEGIN New Venture Center at St. Patrick Center, magic happened.  Together we started building a community of doctors, community members, businesses, and  organizations that shared our vision for transforming the health of our communities.  We hired from St. Patrick Center’s culinary training program, began offering classes on anti-inflammatory lifestyles and served thousands of delicious meals.  Today we are blessed to have a staff of nine individuals committed to the health and well being of our communities.  As we continue to expand our vision, we invite you to join us in our mission of transformation.  Please invite someone you know to be a part of this movement.  Share our blog, like us on facebook, tweet about it post a paleo/ anti-inflammatory recipe, tell someone you care about their health, spend time in a community garden, learn more about reducing inflammation.  We sincerely hope you are inspired to join us.

In Health,

Ashley Nanney

Owner/ Chef



About Feed Your Vitality, llc

Owner of Feed Your Vitality, LLC Ashley Nanney started this business with one goal in mind: To make it as easy as possible for people to lose weight, reduce inflammation and increase their vitality. "After becoming very ill in 1998, I was awakened to the idea of restoring my health through nutrition and alternative medicine. I had no other choice at the time. My daughter was two years old and I was informed that I was going to die if something didn't change quickly. I was in and out of the hospital on a weekly basis and not sure there was any hope. I felt that I had done this to myself. It honestly seemed easier to keep gaining weight and give up than to even try to lose the weight. I was sick, tired, 97 pounds overweight, and honestly, I felt hopeless. I think hearing that I was actually going to die caused something to click. I wanted to be there to see my daughter grow up. I became passionate about researching food, nutrition, and wellness. With the help of preventative medicine, I changed my diet and started to see positive results. It took several years (and losing the 97 pounds) but I finally was feeling and looking well again. Naturally, everyone wanted to know how I did it. This began my journey as a personal chef preparing meals in client's homes and has grown over time to what we are today, a company dedicated to helping others lose weight and regain their vitality through nutrition. Feed Your Vitality is my opportunity to it pay forward. It is the opportunity to support people who are facing weight loss or health issues in their journey toward feeling better and experiencing the vitality they are meant to enjoy. It’s the opportunity to help create meaningful work for the families we employ, by rolling up our sleeves and working together. It is the chance to facilitate partnership, by being a good community partner. In short, to make a difference every day big or small. If we can support your vitality, it is our pleasure to do so." Feed your Vitality is committed to serving only vibrant, whole foods, made with the freshest ingredients. It is our commitment to provide you with foods that are naturally free of the additives and preservatives found in most commercially prepared foods. All of our meals are are meticulously prepared to meet the requirements of doctor's recommendations. We are committed to supporting your journey in the most convenient and delicious way possible.

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