Paleo Baked Goods: Oxymoron?

Is there really such a thing as a paleo baked good? According to followers of the paleo lifestyle, we are to eat  like our ancestors for optimal health.  Surely no hunter gatherer indulged in baked goods. Chances are, if my life depended on physical labor, I would opt for the easiest way to obtain nourishment, and eat the food right from the source, in its most natural state. For the majority of human existence, during ice age conditions, man relied heavily on fat, proteins, nuts, seeds, vegetables, seasonal fruit, and very little starch. Our bodies’ genetic material, organs, and digestive tract have not changed dramatically since then. According to Nora Gedgaudas CNS, CNT, author of Primal Body,Primal Mind, carbohydrates are the only macronutrient for which there are no requirements.

“We don’t ever have to eat any sugar or starch to be optimally healthy.”

However, we as humans, like many other species, have an attraction for sweetness. Originally this attraction for sweetness may have been evolutionary. While there may be exceptions, typically wild edibles containing fructose are non poisonous.  The craving for sweetness in the present day may be a mixture of our ancestral heritage, culture, and habit. Personally, I grew up eating an abundance of sugar and processed snacks, and it took a great deal of self control and persistence to eliminate this kind of food from my life. Dr. Robert Lustig, in my opinion, provides the best explanation for why we crave sugar.

It is important to be able to provide  healthy alternatives to conventionally unhealthy food items.  Furthermore, the paleo muffin may be a wonderful transition food for a person used to carbohydrates and baked goods. Let’s take a closer look at  the nutrients in 100 grams of almond, wheat, and rice flour for comparison.

Nutrients per 100 grams of Flour Almond Flour(mg) White Wheat Flour(mg) Rice Flour(mg)
Potassium 687 149 76
Magnesium 275 25 35
Niacin 3.6 1.2 2.6
Alpha-Tocopherol 24.7 0.05 0.11
Calcium 216 20 10
Iron 3.72 1.26 0.35
Manganese 1.84 0.68 1.2
Flour Type 100 grams Gluten-Free Glycemic Index Protein (g) Carbohydrates (g) Fiber(g)
Almond Flour Yes <1 21.94 19.44 10.4
White Wheat Flour No 71 9.71 76.22 2.4
Rice Flour Yes 98 5.95 80.13 2.4

When one compares the nutritional value in paleo muffins versus conventional and gluten free varieties, the results are alarming!  Most gluten free flours containing rice flour, are actually high-glycemic, and inferior in nutritional value to white flour. Almond flour has the most nutrients, is high fiber, high protein, and low glycemic. Not only is our muffin a healthier option, but the taste and texture is indistinguishable to a conventional muffin.  The winner, without question, is paleo muffins from Feed Your Vitality.

Paleo Muffin offered at Feed Your Vitality.

Paleo Muffin offered at Feed Your Vitality.

Chef Kevin at Feed Your Vitality says, “These muffins are delicious and sure do keep you regular. “


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I am a food blogger, activist, humanitarian, mother, and supporter of alternative medicine, the environment, social equality, and food that supports the optimal function of the body and mind.

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