Memorial Day Barbeque

 IMG_0059 Memorial Day is a day to remember those who have died serving our country, but it is also a day that marks the beginning of summer and the vacation season. School is out, people flock outdoors, and cooking on the grill never sounded better.  This is my favorite barbeque sauce recipe. I have made it so many times that I don’t always follow a recipe. Even with a little variation, it always turns out delicious. Many people like the convenience of prepackaged sauces; however, they are not only inferior in taste, but are also full of a wide variety of chemicals, additives, preservatives, and excess sugar and salt. Don’t be intimidated. Make your own, and taste the difference.

Barbeque Sauce

4 cups of tomato sauce

1/2 cup apple cider vinegar

1/4 cup dry sherry

1/4 cup mustard

1/2 TB mustard seed

1 TB freshly ground pepper

1 TB paprika

1 TB onion powder

4 cloves fresh garlic

1 tsp cayenne

4 sprigs of fresh thyme

honey to taste

salt to taste

1 TB molasses (optional)


First prepare meat by trimming away any excess fat. Combine all the ingredients together (excluding the sherry), adjust the amounts to personal taste, bring to a boil, now add the sherry (this helps to keep the flavor), and simmer for at least an hour. Use half the barbeque sauce to marinate the meat for at least 4 hours or overnight. Save the rest of the sauce to baste while cooking and for the finished meal. If grilling ribs, cook meat slowly on low heat. The best things take time. The meat could be cooked in 1-2 hours, but it would be ideal to slow-cook it for 2-4 hours. Meat is done when it reaches an internal temperature of 150 degrees for pork and 165 for poultry.



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I am a food blogger, activist, humanitarian, mother, and supporter of alternative medicine, the environment, social equality, and food that supports the optimal function of the body and mind.

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