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If you have ever had a conversation with Feed Your Vitality owner, Ashley Nanney, you likely know that our priority is to assist individuals in their journey to better health. We like to do that in any way possible, the most common being meal preparation and delivery. We have seen many successes from our customers including, but not limited to, weight loss, disease management, and improved energy.


cover-jpgWe strive to support people even when they choose to do their own cooking (more power to you!). For years we have offered cooking demonstrations, tips and tricks classes, and cookbooks to help you be successful at home. Another option for customers is one-on-one nutrition coaching services. Nutrition coaching is one of our most recent services and is perfect for people looking for guidance and support in reaching their goals. Our registered dietitian, Ali, sits down with each client and gets to know them through a behavior analysis, nutrition assessment, and food record. After learning more about the person, she identifies barriers to their success and creates an individualized plan to reach health goals. Follow-up visits are all about assessing progress, identifying challenges, adjusting goals, and diving deeper into the health journey.

64b8709e0ba1c2bcc06e34ea1eb0edb1Ali is currently finishing her master’s degree in nutrition and exercise science at Southeast Missouri State University. Her specialties include weight loss, food allergies, and eating disorders. Some of Ali’s major successes include a 25-pound weight loss, elimination of diabetes medication, and decreased social anxiety when it comes to eating in public.

If you think nutrition coaching could be right for you, feel free to reach out to us using the information below!

Phone: 314-910-3324


Paleo Baked Goods: Oxymoron?

Is there really such a thing as a paleo baked good? According to followers of the paleo lifestyle, we are to eat  like our ancestors for optimal health.  Surely no hunter gatherer indulged in baked goods. Chances are, if my life depended on physical labor, I would opt for the easiest way to obtain nourishment, and eat the food right from the source, in its most natural state. For the majority of human existence, during ice age conditions, man relied heavily on fat, proteins, nuts, seeds, vegetables, seasonal fruit, and very little starch. Our bodies’ genetic material, organs, and digestive tract have not changed dramatically since then. According to Nora Gedgaudas CNS, CNT, author of Primal Body,Primal Mind, carbohydrates are the only macronutrient for which there are no requirements.

“We don’t ever have to eat any sugar or starch to be optimally healthy.”

However, we as humans, like many other species, have an attraction for sweetness. Originally this attraction for sweetness may have been evolutionary. While there may be exceptions, typically wild edibles containing fructose are non poisonous.  The craving for sweetness in the present day may be a mixture of our ancestral heritage, culture, and habit. Personally, I grew up eating an abundance of sugar and processed snacks, and it took a great deal of self control and persistence to eliminate this kind of food from my life. Dr. Robert Lustig, in my opinion, provides the best explanation for why we crave sugar.

It is important to be able to provide  healthy alternatives to conventionally unhealthy food items.  Furthermore, the paleo muffin may be a wonderful transition food for a person used to carbohydrates and baked goods. Let’s take a closer look at  the nutrients in 100 grams of almond, wheat, and rice flour for comparison.

Nutrients per 100 grams of Flour Almond Flour(mg) White Wheat Flour(mg) Rice Flour(mg)
Potassium 687 149 76
Magnesium 275 25 35
Niacin 3.6 1.2 2.6
Alpha-Tocopherol 24.7 0.05 0.11
Calcium 216 20 10
Iron 3.72 1.26 0.35
Manganese 1.84 0.68 1.2
Flour Type 100 grams Gluten-Free Glycemic Index Protein (g) Carbohydrates (g) Fiber(g)
Almond Flour Yes <1 21.94 19.44 10.4
White Wheat Flour No 71 9.71 76.22 2.4
Rice Flour Yes 98 5.95 80.13 2.4

When one compares the nutritional value in paleo muffins versus conventional and gluten free varieties, the results are alarming!  Most gluten free flours containing rice flour, are actually high-glycemic, and inferior in nutritional value to white flour. Almond flour has the most nutrients, is high fiber, high protein, and low glycemic. Not only is our muffin a healthier option, but the taste and texture is indistinguishable to a conventional muffin.  The winner, without question, is paleo muffins from Feed Your Vitality.

Paleo Muffin offered at Feed Your Vitality.

Paleo Muffin offered at Feed Your Vitality.

Chef Kevin at Feed Your Vitality says, “These muffins are delicious and sure do keep you regular. “

Our hidden secret…


Many times customers ask, “Where do you chef from?”.  I must admit that every time someone asks, I smile inside.  I think that the answer is one of the “coolest” things about us, yet it is almost like our hidden secret.  The truth is, we are completely spoiled!  We chef from an absolutely beautiful 2,000 square foot culinary suite in the BEGIN New Venture Center at St. Patrick Center downtown.  Yes, THAT St. Patrick Center.  The one whose entire mission is to support people who are homeless or at risk of becoming homeless in their journey towards creating amazing lives.


God has a wonderful way of planting the right seeds

Being at the St. Patrick Center is a special part of our business.  I spent 14 years in non-profit organizations supporting individuals with acquired or congenital disabilities and individuals from impoverished or transitional backgrounds.  When I started Feed Your Vitality, I wanted to be sure that we were reaching people from every community.  That every person out there could be offered the ability (and access) to understand  how to support vitality through healthy foods.  So the opportunity to work at the St. Patrick Center was a natural fit for our mission:

It is our intention to make a positive difference in the vitality of our community.
We demonstrate this intention through the foods we serve,
the people we hire, and the partnerships we form


By partnering with Jan DeYoung, the Director of the BEGIN New Venture Center at St. Patrick Center, magic happened.  Together we started building a community of doctors, community members, businesses, and  organizations that shared our vision for transforming the health of our communities.  We hired from St. Patrick Center’s culinary training program, began offering classes on anti-inflammatory lifestyles and served thousands of delicious meals.  Today we are blessed to have a staff of nine individuals committed to the health and well being of our communities.  As we continue to expand our vision, we invite you to join us in our mission of transformation.  Please invite someone you know to be a part of this movement.  Share our blog, like us on facebook, tweet about it post a paleo/ anti-inflammatory recipe, tell someone you care about their health, spend time in a community garden, learn more about reducing inflammation.  We sincerely hope you are inspired to join us.

In Health,

Ashley Nanney

Owner/ Chef